Poem 70 – A Modern Conversion

It started with a closure, then
Hot on its heels windows were shut,
Boarded up and scaffolding raised.
Before we knew it hammers rang
Fashion arcade transformed to the
Domain of clipboards and hi-viz.
Its fate seemed unclear, perhaps
Decay had snared our flagging shops
But no! At last all is revealed,
The veil is finally removed
Exposing what has secretly
Transpired beneath. Like hermit crabs
Into its former shell have crept
New occupants served and worshipped
By our national obsession
Consumerism’s gods installed
Our arcade transformed to match those
Found up and down the land, our own
Monotheistic religion

Our local shopping ‘centre’ has been revamped. I’m torn, guiltily excited to see new stores, including a bike shop, but a little disappointed that in so many ways it looks like so many centres today.


© Ben Quant 2022

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