Poem 69 – Ancient Roots

I spat in a tube this morning
To find out who I am
And then that tube was posted
(Apologies postman!)
Of course there’s more to me
Than my genetic code
There’s everything that’s happened
On life’s long winding road
But I have always wondered
Where my tribe came from
Are my roots in Britain
Or do we have it wrong
Perhaps they are Germanic
Or Scandi, French or Switz
African or Asian
But whatever’s on my list
This fair land has shaped me
And others influenced
And through this cultural cocktail
My life has been enriched

I have always felt a ‘spiritual’ connection to the ancient past of our country, and am intrigued to know if my roots go back to the age of barrows and white horses, but whatever the result of my test, I won’t be disappointed as even through romantic eyes, I know this nation has never been racially pure but mixed and all the better for it.


© Ben Quant 2022

2 thoughts on “Poem 69 – Ancient Roots

  1. Ancestry is a fascinating topic. As you say, we are all such a mix. I have ancestry in England, Scotland, India and the Caribbean and that’s just the family I know about. Good luck on your quest to discover your roots, really enjoyed the poem.


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