Poem 4 – Reconfiguring

I’m reconfiguring, please wait
Change is required before it’s too late
To patch a weakness, catch a bug
Software constantly up to date

Was I not flawless at the start?
A babe born perfect for its part
Yet by miscreant code led astray
From that perfectly formed piece of art

So please be patient, give me time
Keep me plugged in, it will be fine
A work in progress, not finished yet
I’m reconfiguring through craft Divine

This poem was started after an ill-timed Windows update rendered our church laptop out of action just as it was needed to project song words and stream our service. It finally completed its reconfiguring an hour and a half later, just as we finished. This got me wondering what it would be like if we could download updates and Jesus’ words about being born from above… Took me a couple of days to get this how I wanted.

© Ben Quant 2021

One thought on “Poem 4 – Reconfiguring

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