Poem 5 – Sunrise

All was dark the moment before
As if we were all that was
But somewhere a whisper awakens
Summoning workers to their chores

Stoke up the furnace ’til it’s ready to roar
Then open its door just a crack
So a halo of pink might outline the roofs
But once there, there’s no holding back

Its torrent boils over the floodgates
Pours into the heavens above
A writhing of rust, amber, vermillion
Persimmon and cadmium clash

It’s urgency rages in anger as
Blazing fiery fury erupts
It’s bright stallions charge onwards relentless
‘Gainst night’s shield wall defending its thrust

The darkness regrouping intensifies
Its blackness seems blacker than death
But nothing can hold back dawn’s progress
Triumphant its glories cascade!

As fast as the battle was opened
Dawn’s turmoil is over and done
Morning’s light is finally upon us
Its peace so violently won

Inspired by a dramatic sunrise that turned the night’s black to morning through a brief but vivid display that lit up the sky

© Ben Quant 2021

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