Poem 94 – Mercury’s Lament

Remember Freddie’s rhapsody
Nine classic minutes long to bring
Bombastic rock, triumphant pomp
The opera to the masses, darling

Before the storm a solo voice
With purity, soaring lament
In contrast with the bitterness
Contained within words of regret

Then crashing thunder interrupts
Violent vocals kaleidoscope
Inner turmoil, chaotic nonsense
Soundscape immense and intricate

Before Beelzebub attacks
The stargazer magnificent
Looks out beyond this racous gale
As finally the man repents

Be still cries out the axe wielder
And thus the storm is brought down low
Priorities fall into place
And whisper
…anyway the wind blows

This was going to be a poem about Storm Eunice, but slipped into something quite different.

© Ben Quant 2022

2 thoughts on “Poem 94 – Mercury’s Lament

  1. This one made me smile, I loved Queen as a child and had the biggest poster of Freddie on my wall.

    You’ve captured the energy and the ebb and flow of the song beautifully.

    I also love it when a poem starts out as one thing and turns into another, we’re never quite in control of the end product are we?

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    • Queen have been a constant for me, although I’m not as obsessive now as I was as a teenager. No one else quite like them. And yes, always great fun seeing where poems take us – I tend to write ‘by the seat of my pants’ not knowing where I’m going when I start, so it’s always fascinating to see where I end.


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