Poem 89 – Death in Paradise

In an exotic isle he lies
A holiday conundrum, dead
Face down beside a nagging doubt
Beneath heaven’s blue skies overhead

The case confined to just four friends
An isolated situation
But none of them could be the murderer
An alibi by others given

Around in circles twisted knots
Until, eureka! Clarity comes
A strange coincidence occurs
Connections made, the puzzle done

They gathered in a tense circle
To hear the verdict boldly laid
Before them by the canny sluth
Who by deduction owns this stage

He walks them through it step by step
By paradise’s swaying palms
Revealing method, means and motive
Our Caribbean Sherlock Holmes

A family guilty pleasure, the murderer mystery set on St. Marie might be formulaic, but we love it.

© Ben Quant 2022

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