Poem 86 – WORDLE

Infuriating TEASE!
This DAILY challenge comes,
Made out of thirty BOXES,
In six rows, each a GUESS,
With five letters to SPELL,
The word concealed BELOW,
And BOAST of victory.
Which word will you try FIRST,
And hope they all turn GREEN?
If not and SPACE permits,
Go WRITE another one!
However, if the FINAL,
BLOCK is filled and you’ve,
Not got it RIGHT, it is,
Too late you’ve lost Wordle.

Late to the game, I’ve discovered the daily fun/torment of the game Wordle, where you have to deduce the day’s five-letter word. Writing this, got me wondering why the creator opted for the name WORDLE when that has six letters. Odd.

© Ben Quant 2022

2 thoughts on “Poem 86 – WORDLE

  1. Wardle initially created the game for himself and his partner, Palak Shah, to play, as they “got really into” The New York Times’ Spelling Bee and daily crossword puzzle. In mid-October 2021, he made it public after it “rapidly became an obsession” with relatives, naming it Wordle as a pun on his surname.

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