Coming Soon…

My poems may slow down a little bit going forward, at least for now. I’m in the process of rewriting my doctoral thesis, I’ve got a year to resubmit. This needs to be my main focus alongside work and family, but verse will provide a fun release and necessary diversion alongside it! I’m also playing around with a longer piece of poetry, in the form of medieval alliterative verse, based on the legend of the Black Dog of Bungay; a ghostly apparition famous for an appearance in the local church. Here’s the first stanza as it currently stands to whet the appetite…

Poem 83 – The Visitation of Black Shuck

Those faithful fellowships did meet that fearful eve
In prayer and praise they sat upon their usual pews
In Blythburgh they began and Bungay parish too
Not knowing the nightmare awaiting in the gloom

Abraham Fleming, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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