Poem 79 – We, The Echo

Across the valley’s sides
The sound is mimicked as
A bird repeats its owner
Rehearsing copied phrases

These sounds, whilst not the same
As imperfections intrude
Decaying patterns fade,
Are recognisable
The second valve follows
The beating heart’s first drum

Tonight your people meet
Inspired by their God
The Father, Spirit, Son
Living in unity
Bound by their common love
That reaches outwardly

Our simple prayer remains
That as your love echoes
Across this valley’s sides
It’s found reflected here
Repurposed in our lives

Although we smudge your image
The paint is smeared as printed
We hope as we live out
Our lives amongst our neighbours
That they might recognise
The fumbled love we offer
Originally has
It’s source in you, the start
The Word in the beginning
Who set the echo off
And like an avalanche
May the cascade begin


Last night our church family gathered. We talked about who we are and the people we want to be and overnight this conversation became a prayer.
© Ben Quant 2022

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