Poem 54 – Treasure Trove

The sleep filled night’s reset allows this day
To offer bounteous riches graciously
Announced by dawn’s gold highlights on
My lover’s waking face laid next to mine

A friend then calls and asks me how I am
His care uplifting, lightening my load
Shared precious memories fluttering into view
Whilst I sip on my morning cup of tea

My diary open, it reveals unborn
Appointments all arrayed awaiting birth
These sparkling stones upon the jeweller’s shelf
Inviting me to reach and put them on

My trove today seems full and overflows
Its wealth the envy of all chancellors
Is it like this each day, I wonder, but
In haste I’m blind and unappreciative?

A series of early incidents caused me to ‘count my blessings’ this morning.

(Edited to improve the rhythm)

© Ben Quant 2021

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