Poem 55 – Power Pick and Mix

If you could choose a super power what would you choose?
Would it be flight so you could soar above the clouds?
Unrivalled strength perhaps or maybe turn
Invisible for mischief, fun and games?
Alternatively opt for freezing breath
And make our Christmas dreams come true with snow
Or twist and turn with bendability
That stretchy flexi human miracle!
And yet it seems to me that none of these
Can solve the greatest problem that we face
In vast metropolis or village small
Of how to lift not weights but loneliness
Not seeing through with piercing x-ray eyes
But looking into souls with loving grace

Watched the first episode of Superman and Lois on BBC iPlayer today…

© Ben Quant 2021

Poem 49 – Seeking Superpowers!

Remember how it took a spider’s bite
To transform Peter Parker into that
Amazing spinning, swinging superhero?

I wonder what that makes me as I’ve had
Not one nor two but three sharp needle bites
And antibodies flood throughout my veins!

Alas it seems I haven’t been transformed
There is no lycra suit in my wardrobe
Today my only powers are aching limbs

Yesterday I had my Covid booster. Although I’m glad to have had it done, and as a former scientist would encourage everyone to do so, it’s left me feeling a little grim today. A small price.

© Ben Quant 2021