Poem 23 – The Print

Delicate indentations reveal a deer passed
Picking its way along waterlogged tracks
Perhaps it tarried briefly pausing alert
Cautiously surveying green surrounds
Head raised to assess through scent and sound
If it traversed alone or was observed
Tense moment before anticipation released
A dainty leap and flick of doe heals
Propelling her fleetingly into concealing reeds
Verdant veil drawn across diminutive form
Leaving a flash of white tail and earthy tread
Alone to reveal that she stood here at all

The Lea Valley park at the end of our road is full of wildlife. One of my favourite sights is the glimpse of a muntjac deer before it vanishes into the undergrowth. Despite them being a regular sight, I have never achieved a satisfactory photograph, they move to fast, these paw prints being the nearest I’ve got.


© Ben Quant 2021

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